Hello! This is me: Manuel.
I am the founder of City Blues and a passionate location scout & photographer.

Growing up in a small-town family of gastronomes, I somehow by accident slipped into movie industries, decided to stay on that path and settled in Hamburg.
„Learning by doing and reading.“ – this principle made me collect lots and lots of hands-on experience as a set manager for several movie productions. It was back in 2012 when I felt it was time for the next and logic step: working as a location scout and manager.

Ever since I’ve been interested in photography, people of all kinds and colours and seeing details, that others don’t.

Starting from a very technical point of view in order to document surroundings for movies, I trained myself to detect and capture interesting camera angles, axes and perspectives within the future set. My photography very quickly became a new and emotional tool. People, their expressions, feelings, their contacts, thoughts and actions fascinate me. And forced me to see my camera as more as a tool for projects, but as my very personal view on life and the world. A face speaks volumes – if you’re ready and open to take a second glance at the right time!

As CITYBLUES I focus on two things:

#1: On searching, finding, and preparing individual and special locations – perfectly tailored to fit any kind of movie or commercial production.

#2: On always having an open eye and camera lens for stories that are worth being captured.

Feel free to ask or say Hello at any time!